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Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Prologue

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Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Prologue Empty Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Prologue

Post by Ptolemy V on Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:50 pm


The forest was silent,a few birds were chirping in the night,wolves were prowling in the darkness,but it was silent.A horse thundered down the forest path shattering the eerie silence.It's rider hidden in a cloak with a duel disk on his belt,clutched a bundle,a bundle which he believed was the last hope in saving his kingdom's,The Broddring kingdom's legacy.

The rider was filled with anger and sadness as he remembered the sudden attack on Broddring kingdom by the Bezarius kingdom,the corpses,the scent of blood,the huge monster emerging from the royal palace it's mouth stained with blood,his wife's dead body lying limp in his arms.....

No!,he couldn't stop now,he had time to mourn later.Right now,he had a mission to fulfill,a mission that could stop the Bezarius kingdom's ambitions and perhaps save the world.

He pulled back on the reins suddenly,he had reached his destination.A river flowed in his path and a boat was moored at the bank.A man wearing the clothes of a Bezarius soldier was standing near it,looking as if he had been waiting a long time.He looked at the rider for some time,then noticed the bundle.He was unable to contain himself and asked "Is it what I think it is?"
"No,Berthold.The Bezarius family have the Chaos Ruby now" the rider replied.Berthold sighed with sadness "Humanity will perish then,all hope is lost.."The rider looked at the bundle in his hands with the respect that he knew he would have had to give it's contents one day,if it hadn't been for the Bezarius kingdom."Nay,Berthold we still have hope.I'm sure you noticed the light?
"Kinda hard to miss,the moon's destroyed cause of it,of course I would." As he said it,Berthold gazed at the sky where the moon,once a complete one,was now lying shattered in pieces.It had been pierced by a strange golden light which,from Berthold's calculations,had come from the Broddring Palace.
"Did you happen to guess what caused it?"
Berthold shook his head,somehow a bit uneasy.Why was the rider so calm?His mind came upon the answer and he looked at the bundle closely.His eyes widened,his eyes filling with joy and hope.He now knew for certain,He was looking at humanity's last hope.But,his mind still couldn't accept it.
"No,it's impossible,it can't be done,not at that age.its..."
The rider smiled "The Bezarius kingdom may be able to summon the horrors of the past,but can they beat a savior of the past?" saying this,he opened the bundle to reveal....

Hope you like it Smile

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