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Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Chapter 1

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Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Chapter 1 Empty Yugioh Tales of a different realm:Chapter 1

Post by Ptolemy V on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:47 pm


Yuda woke up from his bed promptly at 6:00,wore the traditional Bezarius student's uniform which consisted of a black shirt and black pants with black pants.Sometimes,he wondered why the Bezarius family loved black so much.Maybe because of the dark rumours surrounding them...

He stopped thinking about it when he remembred his appointment with Captain Beelzus today.He groaned inwardly.He would be humiliated in front of the entire academy in front of a distinguished captain of the Bezarius Imperial army.Again

He sat on his bed looking at his deck once again.Being a sklave,he had been forced to scavenge cards which had been thrown away by others,yet he had managed to create a deck which could stand up to the decks of everyone else in his dorm,but he knew it was no match for the Captain's deck just as he knew he was nothing compared to Beelzus's skill in the game.

"They say fear is humanity's worst inner demon "

Yuda looked up and smiled,it was his friends,Tendo and Yamato,the only ones in the "Bezarius military academy (A.K.A BMA) who actually cared about him."Maybe that's true,Tendo.But in my life,fear is a constant companion.I don't really feel it anymore,but it's always there.."

"Dude,Yuda stop saying things like that,you get all creepy and sad and stuff " scolded Yamato who had a long nose and the beginnings of a moustache which seemed to be in the shape of a Chinese dragon's, which,sadly was something the other students always made fun of.

"I know,I know,alright I'll stop,but,my situation's still pretty bad,Beelzus will beat me easily.again."said Yuda,holding his head in his arms.

"Come on,Yuda you gotta believe in yourself,you're like the best duelist in this academy.You could beat Beelzus this time" said Tendo who had been a rock of support to Yuda ever since they first met.He had never discriminated him and had always treated him with kindness.Of course,he was kind to everyone and sometimes fought bullies which was dangerous since some of them had powerful family members who could have expelled him,but when they saw Tendo's slight figure and kind smile,they just couldn't bring themselves to do it.

"And besides,I got this new card for you" saying it,Tendo offered it to Yuda who took it, a bit suprised."I found it near the outer wall during patrol yesterday,I thought you might like it"
Yuda was suprised.The card he was holding was cited to be one-of-a kind,one that was said to have been lost in the war between the Bezarius and the Broddring kingdoms.
"How did you get this card?!" exclaimed Yuda,Now he had a fighting chance!,he could win this time and prove that he was eligible to become a regular in the army and not just a sklave that the empire had taken in

Tendo smiled "I told ya,I found it,anyways let's go,everyone's already waiting at the duel arena",Yuda nodded,feeling confident.He would give his all today and no matter what,he was gonna win.

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