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Duel Arena and Shadow Duels rulings

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Duel Arena and Shadow Duels rulings

Post by Drace The Panda on Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:39 pm

Duel Arena Awards:

Singles: 15 SS
Matches: 35 SS

You cannot challenge a member more then once per day.
One member challenges another to a duel arena if it is accepted they agree on what cards or decks are banned from this duel. They can also decide which format to use or if they would like to duel in advanced traditional or unlimited on dn.
the winner shows an admin the screen shot of their win or gets their opponent to say the winner won. if there is no proof the winner will not be awarded with any ss.

Shadow Duel-
awards: ????
Same rules for duel arena pretty much but both players decide on a certain amount of SS and the winner takes the losers SS there is no limit to how much you can bet in this duel.
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