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10 Little Blackwings - Week 1

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10 Little Blackwings - Week 1 Empty 10 Little Blackwings - Week 1

Post by Technomancer Supreme on Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:42 pm

10 Little Blackwings
Week 1

Before we start, some notes...
Each week there will be 5 clues left behind by the murderer on purpose, but some are to throw you off. The same rules goes for linking these clues to suspects so no posting them! You can PM them to me if you want, but don't expect to get it right straight away!
And Then There Were Nine:
It was the dead of the night and Neo was wandering through a dark alleyway after his meeting a former clan mate. But halfway through the alley he saw something he couldn't resist picking up. A mint condition Collectors Edition Rick Astley Album, signed by Rick himself!
As Neo leaned over to pick it up, there was a sickening crunch as a Ban Hammer fell down on his head with a sickening  on his head...

But alas, he was not dead yet! He awoke in a small underground chamber sitting next to a projecter...

"Where am I?" Neo muttered to himself.

"In Hell... Well, close enough to it. But you'll be in the real Hell soon..." said a burly, not fake at all voice emerging from a black hooded figure standing behind the projector.
The figure took out a small black box and withdrew a small disc which was inserted into the projector.

"Wh-what film is this?" Neo said in a panic.

"High School Musical Trilogy - Extended Edition" laughed out the hooded figure


And thus, Neo sat through 320 minutes of high school drama and singing and by the end, he was already dead...


Victim: Neo
Cause of Death: Pure Disney Magic
One would always whine
10 Little Blackwings - Week 1 153-2310
One was tortured and then there was nine...

So, the one where you get no points for guessing...
Did anyone do it anyway?
Well, first of all let's start by analyzing the poem. Someone who whines allot? That could be anyone... But "finally" suggests they've been getting away for it for a while, and there's only one person that fits both descriptions, Neo. It's a joke about the warning bar where it's for when he's bitching but he's too important to get in trouble..
And you can guess the weapon by linking his DN name, {Shadows} Magic...
Did you also notice he got the literal ban hammer? Yep, he finally got into trouble...

And finally...
Week 1 Clues:

4 Leaf Clover
Unspecified Animal Hairs
A Human Ear
Black Gauntlet
Sheriff's Badge

And with this, the challenge starts. Good luck to everyone!

10 Little Blackwings - Week 1 Tech10

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