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how to build a deck

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how to build a deck

Post by Drace The Panda on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:22 pm

Always think about what do you want your deck to accomplish or the basic theme of the deck. By doing this you make sure you know what cards that you need to fill the extra spaces. For Example If I am playing inzektors, Im not going to have a lot of monster so Im going to have a lot of spots, for spells and traps, I know I need cards the work well inzektors, cards to destroy my opponents backrow so my plays go off, cards to special summon cards from the graveyard, cards to make your deck more consistant, and making sure you can survive your opponents turn. I know all this from knowing how inzektors work and what they want to do.

You also want to make sure your deck is consistant. Your deck can draw cards to keep up with fast decks, can search for what the deck needs to get it going, and can setup anyplay you need as fast as possible. For Example in one of my koaki meiru decks, I try to go second to get that extra card on my opponent at the start but sometimes it doesn't work how I want so in those situations I run 3 cardcar d, and 3 reckless greed. If I dont draw those 1st turn then I should of at least drew combo peices or search cards like 1 of 3 Diamond core, 2 Reinforcements, 3 tenkis.
The example for setting up plays, Dark synchro decks might run Armeggeddon knight, dark grepher, or foolish burial to set up their graves faster to make their combos work faster.

Make sure you know your decks strenghts and weaknessess. Take advantage of your strengths and add cards to your deck to counteract your weakness. The more strength you have over weakness the more likely youre going to win. For example In Mythic rulers, The deck is too full of spells and monsters to have any traps and traps really stop the deck so to counter that weakness they run royal opression. Mythic rulers wish to overwehlm their opponent for victory.

Finally for your side deck. After dueling with your deck for a long time, hopefully you relize what decks have been giving you the most trouble. Maybe your deck has a couple cards that dont affect their deck or maybe they are just that bit better. For this put in cards that designated for shutting them down. For Example If I was running Kaoki meirus, all my monsters are not dark or light, so in my side deck I run 2 of each prisoning mirror. These help against bujins and light sworn. For a short talk about the mirrors check out Grovyle's lesson.

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