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duel puzzle

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duel puzzle

Post by Drace The Panda on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:32 pm

Hello everyone today i will post a duel puzzle for some SS because everyone loves SS, so all you have to do is solve this duel scenario, if you can successfully then pm me how you did it and if i approve then you shall receive 200SS Smile

Also you have 1 turn to win GL

Screen of duel:

On the field,
Opponent's fieldĀ 
six sam zanji
six sam nisashi
six sam yaichi
six sam kamon
the dark door

On your field:
cyberdark horn
cyberdark edge
armed dragon lv3
Fusion gate
In hand:
Dragon's mirror
Level up
Lightning vortex
Hammer shot
Cyberdark keel
Top card of deck: (imagine theirs only 1 card left in your deck)
Armed dragon lv5
In extra deck:
Cyberdark dragon
In grave:
x3 Winged dragon,guardian of the Forrest
x3 Dark magician
x3 Celtic guardian
x3 Giant soldier of stone
x3 Battle Ox
x3 Tiger axe
x3 Gaia the fierce knight
x3 kuriboh

Your LP:100
Opponents LP:6300

Note: The duel starts after you've drawn so Lv 5 is the only card in your deck, Also None of the six sam effects will activate besides when there destroyed by battle

After 3-5 days i shall reveal how to solve it Smile
grov from eda made it
Drace The Panda

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