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Tolopan's Test Results

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Tolopan's Test Results Empty Tolopan's Test Results

Post by {HeartlessX} Viper on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:07 am

Duel Results:
{HeartlessX} Viper Vs Tolopan1
Fire Fist Vs Reversal Quiz
Outcome Of The Duel: 0/10 2-0 To Tester

Deck Rating: 13/40

Main Deck Build: 8/10
How did the deck look? Can it adapt to difficult situations?Are there any cards that the deck needs? Is there any cards that hinder the deck more then it helps? (Try to base this off common sense about the deck and not personal opinion as best as possible.)

Side Deck: 3/10
Can the cards in this side deck work against many or few decks? Did it have proper cards or does it look like it was made in five minutes with no effort and won't help in a duel at all?

Extra Deck: 0/10
Is the extra deck relevant or does it got level 8 xyzs in a constellar deck?Can this extra deck help is a tough spot? Will this extra deck help the testee make a comeback or is it nearly impossible?

Decks' Compatibility: 2/10
Did the testee make full use of his main.side,and extra deck's potential? How well could the decks be used together? Could the testee make good combos/moves?

Dueling Skills: 13/30

Knowledge of cards: 5/10
Did the testee know his own card effects and know how to use them well? Was your opponent misplaying due to lack of knowledge to his card effects?

Concentration: 8/10
Could the testee concentrate on the duel or was he/she distracted? Was the Testee misplaying frequently?

Control Of The Duels: 0/10
Who was the obvious duelist in control throughout the duels? (If your opponent topdecks something insanely lucky and wins fast afterwards it can affect the score if the tester is winning for the most part.)

duel knowledge: 14/20

Misplays: 8/10
For every misplay -2 (Points cannot go into the negative)

Ruling Quiz: (every question is worth 1 points)

40/100 Vayu was achieved but no promotion given.

Vayu Purple: 0-40
Gale Green: 41-65
Bora Red: 66-85
Shura Blue: 86-100
armor master black: If you have scored 95/100 message an admin for the special test.
{HeartlessX} Viper
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