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Confusing Rulings--SEGOC!

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Confusing Rulings--SEGOC!

Post by Dark Paladin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:18 pm

SEGOC-Simultaneous effects go on chain. This refers to when multiple effects activate at once, such as when a Qliphort Helix equipped with a Saqlifice is tributed for a Qliphort Disk. This is not to be confused with "missing the timing" on optional trigger effects. The way this system works is as follows:

1.) Turn player's Mandatory effects (normally at CL1)
2.) Opponent's Mandatory effects (normally at CL2)
3.) Turn player's Optional effects (normally at CL3)
4.) Opponent's Optional effects (normally at CL4)

If there are multiple mandatory/optional effects, the player is allowed to choose the order in which they resolve. So for the above example: the player who tributed the Qliphort Helix equipped with Saqlifice may choose the order in which the effects resolve; for example, a possibility is CL1 Saqlifice, CL2 Helix, CL3 Disk.
**Also note that the first effect to be triggered will always be at CL1; for example: Shaddoll Fusion tributing a Shaddoll Beast first and a Shaddoll Hedgehog second: even though these monsters were sent at the same time, the first monster sent must be CL1 as it was triggered first (so Shaddoll Beast CL1 and Shaddoll Hedgehog CL2).  

If a player must resolve an optional and a mandatory effect at once, the mandatory effect will be placed at CL1 and the optional effect will be placed at CL2.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Confusing Rulings--SEGOC!

Post by bigbug1992 on Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:21 am

Good ol' SEGOC! Brought out in the days of Sangan vs. Sangan DEATHMATCHES!

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