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Yu-Gi-Oh Article #1: The Meta

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Yu-Gi-Oh Article #1: The Meta Empty Yu-Gi-Oh Article #1: The Meta

Post by NightBot on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:01 pm

Wanting to use a Meta Deck this format but have no idea which to use? Well I'll explain each Decks weaknesses and strengths.

Currently the top 4 Decks are:

1. Burning Abyss
2. Qliphort
3. Shaddoll
And Tellarknights hanging on by a thread

Burning Abyss:
This Deck is by far the best this format, Destroying Qliphort with Fire Lake and standing strong against Shaddolls.
This Deck's main power comes from it's broken Trap card "Fire Lake Of The Burning Abyss" Which allows Burning Abyss to pretty much pop 3 cards and get pluses with there Burning Abyss monsters effects. Other thing that makes this Deck so good is that it runs SO MANY chainable Trap cards. In my opinion I do not think BA will be hit on the next Ban List, But rather become even more over powered with new support.

Now you're probably asking yourself, Well what are it's weaknesses? Well in my experience I'd have to say Denko Sekka and Vanity's Fiend are your best options, BA don't run spell cards that can take care of Denko Sekka and if they can't SS since Vanity's Fiend is on the field, There stuck.

Ah Qliphorts, By far my most favorite archetype ever made (expect maybe Baby Raccoons), This Deck is probably the fastest out of the 4 at setting up there field, Qliphort Scout as there searcher and Skill Drain to stop pesky monster effects while giving Your own Qliphorts the original attack, Not to mention there insanely broken Equip card "Saqlifice" which has 4 freaking effects. They've got a back row destroyer, A Compulsory Evacuation Device, A Draw engine in a single card, They even have 2 god cards!.

Now you're probably thinking, Well how on earth do I beat them??? Well the sad part is there super easy to side against. Just side Spell Shattering Arrow or Fairy Wind and there screwed.

Shaddolls... My least favorite archetype manly for the reason that they have such annoying Flip effects and being able to fusion summon from there Main Deck. This Deck ruled over Yu-Gi-Oh till Qliphorts came out and BA got there new support and it's slowly dropping in the Meta now.
But don't get me wrong, It's still a force to be reckoned with. Shaddoll Winda: making both players only able to special summon once per turn, Sometimes screwing BA over, and cannot be destroyed by your opponents effects. Shaddoll Construct: Destroying special summoned monsters left and right and it's effect to send a Shaddoll card from your Deck to your graveyard and then getting it's effect. And on top of that, When there sent to the graveyard you get to recycle there Fusion cards.

Once again you're probably thinking how on earth do I beat that, Well don't get me wrong it does sound broken but once again they get screwed over in siding by cards like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Majesty's Fiend, Vanity's Fiend, De-Fusion, Soul Drain, Dimensional Fissure, ect ect. Also most people main Deck Vanity's Emptiness which can hurt them if they don't get a Sinister Shadow games or foolish to send Shaddoll Dragon and pop either vanity's or another face-down your opponent control.

A Deck that relies solely on backrow and searching. Take there back row away and they almost auto lose though. The main cards in this Deck are Satellarknight Altair, Satellarknight Deneb, Stellarknight Delteros, and Stellarnove Alpha. That's really all I have to say about this Deck.

Weaknesses: Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Majesty's Fiend, Vanity's Fiend.

Play Style:

Burning Abyss: They are wonderful at what they do and what they do is plus off of almost anything that sends them to the graveyard like Fire lake. So if you want an archetype that special summons a whole lot and can easily destroy cards or return them, I suggest you pick up this Deck.

Qliphorts: A fast OTK Deck that can easily get out there god card in 1-2 turns, If you like ending the Duel fast then I suggest you pick up this Deck.

Shaddolls: This Deck punishes people for xyz summoning thanks to Shaddoll Fusion, They can almost make very strong Synchros. If you want a Deck that can play fairly fast and punish people for xyz summoning then this is the Deck to choose.

Satellarknights: If you liked Artifacts then you'll love this back row loving Deck, If annoying your opponent with back row and none stop searching is your type of play style then I suggest you try this Deck out.

None of the Decks are auto-pilot, Every Deck takes a curtain about of skill to play, so never insult someone for playing a meta Deck.

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