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Event for all acadamies

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Event for all acadamies

Post by FallenAngel on Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:59 am

#approved by dracigga
Excuse me on grammar, thats me Razz
idhk where to post so i did it here

So, do u remember ycs may? Event for all acadamies? Well i'm making something new, well not only me, but since u are not affiliated with acadamey that actually gave idea i won't name it.
Anyway, it would work like this:
Every acadamey (8 of them including sda) would have qualification tourney. Min. users in qualification tourney is 8, but im sure u'll get more then 8. Then, top 4 duelsits from that qualifications (semi-finalists) would enter in final tourney, main one.
So bassicly, if 4 members from 8 acadamies would be in that final tourney it would be huge. 32 persons would be in.
Each user can play for only one acadamey ( he can be in only one qualification tourney )

So rules for qualification tourney are:
match, deck lock ( u can change deck in main tourney ), tcg only, no stall decks, burn, exodia, final countdwon, troll etc.

So as soon as all acadamis finish with qualification main tourney with particpiants from gda, na, da, mada, vda, sda, bada, aka would start.
If u have any questions, feel free to pm me here or on dn: (TPB)DarkAngel

Awards for main tourney is not set yet, but for qualifications are up for each acadamey.
Each acadamey makes their qualifications by themselves, so admins/mods should make bracket. You can sign-up here and everything.


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