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Inter-Academies Tournament!

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Inter-Academies Tournament!

Post by FallenAngel on Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:37 pm

Hello, and welcome to Inter-Academies Tournament! This Tournament will take place among 7 other academies, for 8 is the total number of participating academies. This idea was originally presented by DA to other academies, however, GDA had a great part in gather the remaining academies to make this tournament come to life. This is absolutely won't be the only thing to be done between more than 1 academy, this is certainly something that we could do more often do bond our connections with the other online communities.

Without further a due, allow me to explain how this is going to work:
» Each academy will host a what we call 'Qualification Tournament', we'll use 'QTs' as an abbreviation for this. Each QTs will hold at least 8 participants, up to 32 participant. Top 4 from each QTs will represent their academy in the Inter-Academies Tournament.

» Each Academy owner - or the event's host at a certain academy - will carry on the duty of setting up the matches with members from other academies and the member of his/her academy. This is because 'PMing' your opponent might be hard if he's on an entire different forum/community. So, the host will take care of PMing your opponent's your contact details for each representative.

» To avoid having to play during Christmas, after the QTs are over - estimating time to be finished is at least 3 weeks - we'll hold for about 2 weeks before the event kicks off. We're not rushing anything, we have all the time in the world.

If you're considering participating in this event then you must be able to use one of these: Skype, Facebook. This is to assure other people can reach you under any circumstances. You don't need to provide these information in your Sign-up post, you simply share this when someone asks for it to contact your opponent and set your match with that person.


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