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Shura's Law Empty Shura's Law

Post by Drace The Panda on Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:03 am

These Rules Must Be Followed, Or Face The Consequences

No Linking To Other Academies.
No Repetitive Cursing.
No Being Rude To Staff.
No Linking To Inappropriate Sites.
No Spamming.
No Alternate Accounts.
No Cheating In Duels With Other Members.
Don't Ask For Admin Or Mod Privileges.
No Obnoxious Text Colors.
Do Not Post Comments That Unrelated To A Topic.
Always Obey Administrators, Mangers, Moderators, Orders. (Unless it is abuses of there powers)
Be Considerate And Tolerant Of Others Beliefs, Customs And Things They Enjoy.


1st offense: warning
2nd offense: kick
3rd offense: 10 min ban
4th warning: 24 hour ban
5th offense: permanent ban
punishments may be different for different offense
Side note boo boo may or may not follow these rules and regulations if you have a report please pm drace.
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