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2nd duel puzzle

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2nd duel puzzle

Post by Drace The Panda on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:34 pm

Hello everyone today i will post another duel puzzle for some SS because everyone loves SS, so all you have to do is solve this duel scenario, if you can successfully then pm me how you did it and if i approve then you shall receive 150SS

Your LP: 2100
Opponent LP: 11000

Screen of field:
Screen of extra:

On your opponents field:
Steel Scorpion
Gren maju da eiza
big shield gardna
treeborn frog
Mist body (Equipped to Gren maju da eiza)
On field Traps:
Gravity bind
Imperial order
Banished monsters:
Any 10 random dark world monsters

Your field:
Elemental hero sparkman
Elemental hero wildheart
x3 polymerization (Note: all spells have a counter meaning that they are set at the start of the duel and can be activated at any time)
In hand:
Elemental hero stratos x3
Elemental hero avian
Elemental hero burstinatrix
Order to charge
Hero's bond
In deck:Imagine you only have 3 cards in your deck
elemental hero bubbleman (Top card of deck)
elemental hero clayman (Middle card of deck)
elemental hero bladedge (Bottom card of deck)
In extra deck:
elemental hero flame wingman
elemental hero thunder giant
elemental hero rampart blaster
elemental hero tempest
elemental hero wildedge
elemental hero shining flare wingman
elemental hero electrum

As before you only get one turn to win but this duel puzzle will be a little harder than before so GL Smile

3-5 to finish
from grov once again
Drace The Panda

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